• What is list bulding or audience building?

    An email list is a collection of email addresses that a business can get by engaging with potential customers through lead-generating campaigns.

  • Why should I not rather focus on direct pitching of my product to prospects?

    List building tactics often involve some freebies like lead magnets that work as an incentive. As against that, a direct pitching of product typically increases the resistence and openness to connect with you if a user is not ready for buying for now. Once a user has signed up for your email list, its much more easy to look for conversion at some point by nurturing the relationship.

  • Why should I not rather buy an email data base?

    Purchsed email data has many issues. Some of the problems include: (1) you’ll come across as a spammer, (2) if too many of your messages get marked as spam, you’ll quickly get on the wrong side of your email service provider, (3) other people are using the exact same list as you, and (4) your reputation will take a serious knock.

  • Will Listbuildify execute everything for lead generation?

    Yes, almost everything in outreach will be handled by Listbuildify. This will be true for most of other work involved. There nay be few exceptions to this. At times certain lead magnet content may best have inputs from you or yout team or in case of a webinar or a virtual summit, it would make sense to have someone from your business delievering the presentation.

  • What methods would be employed to build email list? How many tacticts will Listbuildify use to reach the lead generation goals?

    As many as it takes to build the list with the set goals in given time frame. One or more lead magnets at any poojt of time and as many partnerships as required are persued to meet the set goals.

  • What is a lead magnet? And how does it work?

    A lead magnet is an incentive that marketers offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information. Lead magnets usually offer a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a free PDF checklist, report, eBook, whitepaper, video, etc. Useful opt-in bribes help to save your user time, energy, money, and more.

  • And how does a partnership bring in leads?

    A partnership is when you provide something valuable to a company (for its audience), and they promote your business to their audience in return. Types of partnerships include - podcast interview, guest emailing, Guest blogging,  webinar.

  • Will there be any additional costs?

    Absolutely no additional costs will be involved, other than the ad budgets during and post testing ad campaigns.

  • Who would control ad budgets?

    You will be in total control of the ad budgets and weekly plans would get worked out jointly with your team.

  • What happens to the assets created (lead magnets etc.) for generating leads, after the enaggement is over?

    All content created (lead magnet) and emails collected is your property and Listbuildify does not own it. You will be handed over all access to it at the time of closure of a project.